Eva Moskowitz Champions Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Academy, has just won a 250,000 grant and plans to open a college readiness program. She accepted the Broad Prize, funded by Public Charter Schools, at the National Charter School conference in DC. The grant will go towards the college readiness programs for Success students. This amount of money is nothing compared to the reported 60 million the school took in from its support in the wealthy hedge fund sector. That revenue is an increase of 42 million from the previous year.


Eva Moskowitz believes that this award, among other recognition, shows that students from even the poor inner city neighborhoods can win. Success Academy will also be launching the Success Academy Education Institute. The first project from the new Institute will be the release of the reading curriculum on a digital platform and made available for free.


Success Academy has always been a leader and champion for charter schools in NY. They just recently won a two year long battle for freedom to run the pre-k programs the way they desire. NY refused to pay them 720,000 in tuition reimbursement due to Success Academy’s refusal to sign the contract regulating pre-k programs. The contract places restrictions on certain things, like amount of time using electronic devices or field trips. Moskowitz believed that this interference was too much. An appellate judge agreed that the city has the right to inspect but not regulate. Success Academy and Eva Moskowitz continues to prove that charter schools can work and help kids from even the roughest of circumstances.


Sawyer Howitt Rising In The Ranks Of Meriwether Group And Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is very young, but he’s already learning how to be a professional in many respects. He’s already working for his father David Howitt’s company, Meriwether Group in Portland, OR. Meriwether Group is a financial services company that seeks to help startups acquire capital and various financing, and Sawyer is already putting his business skills to work in project management. Much of what drives Howitt is discipline and commitment to seeing tasks through and ability to form ideas out of thin air. He also possesses much of the same people skills that his father has been known for in his business deals.

Howitt’s skills range from a broad variety of computer office management in IT software, to learning finances and working with brands and logos. Howitt is involved with local Portland volunteer organizations that teach responsibility and fighting for diversity and equality in all things. Prior to joining the project management department at Meriwether Group, Howitt worked for a small juice bar shop in Portland. But also little known in Sawyer Howitt’s life achievements is playing racquetball.

Sawyer Howitt has taken a keen interest in this sport largely because like being in a business accelerator or starting your own business, you have to be driven by your own personal ambitions and don’t have to be limited by others to be successful. Howitt has learned to master serves and study the various angles that racquetball entails. In fact, becoming successful at racquetball for Sawyer is rewarding because it’s one of the most complex sports in the world. Like mastering project managing, mastering racquetball for Sawyer Howitt also entails a lot of research and ingenuity to really become good. But he also can thank his coach for the success he’s had, just as his father has also helped him in his business endeavors.

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Scaling the Heights with USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a conglomerate of companies that offer individuals, families, and small-scale entrepreneurs with quality healthcare. At USHEALTH, you get an assurance of health plans that are tailor made for your needs. The plans are not only flexible but also highly affordable for all. With over fifty year’s experience, we as USHEALTH Group know what it takes to offer exceptional services to our customers. Since we as USHEALTH Group pride ourselves in the satisfaction of our clients, we are ready to provide you with free quotations. As an insurance provider, we offer you with both basic and comprehensive covers. We work with only the best professionals so as to meet your demands.

With Troy McQuagge as our CEO, we have been able to scale the heights in healthcare. Products that we offer include premier choice, secure advantage, premier vision, income protector, PPO networks, essential health benefit, accident protector, life protector, secure dental, MedGuard, and accident protector. At USHEALTH Group, we work with a network of registered insurance agents. So far, we have 571 employees that are under our wing. Thus, we guarantee you of quality services whenever you pay us a visit. Since we practically deal with dental insurance among other things, we as USHEALTH Group specializes in three different types of covers. These are the premium, saver plus, and saver plan. Once you become a member, you become eligible for our coverage and benefits, health and wellness, pharmacy and RX services, as well as treatment and cost estimates just to mention but a few. Click here to know more.

Our packages also consider particular illnesses as well as insurance covers on accidents. Since we always strive to bring everyone on board, we as USHEALTH Group frequently offer our clients with discounts. In so doing, we can accommodate people coming from low-income households. No matter how cheap or expensive your cover might be, we always ensure that you reap the full benefits. One factor that has made us as USHEALTH Group to thrive through all types of seasons is the fact that we have been able to nurture meaningful relationships with you, our clients. By understanding your needs, we have maintained high levels of trust with you.

With our all-around team, we guarantee you of quality at the end of the day. We have also employed a team of exceptional customer care attendants who are not only good at picking your calls but also providing you with the sense of direction you might richly require. You can always find us in our Fort Worth, Texas headquarters, but better still, reach us through our contact or email address. You can never go wrong with USHEALTH Group since our mission is to help other people every day. We put service above self.


Ideamensch Interviews Businessman, Samuel Strauch

Ideamensch asked businessman, Samuel Strauch what is something that he does over and over and he suggests other people try out as well. Strauch responded by saying he sets aside five minutes in the morning everyday to remind himself of three important things. The first thing is to be thankful for everything he has in his life. Second, is to be curious and open minded when approaching new things. The third thing he reminds himself in that five minute period in the morning is to layout his goals and intentions for that particular day.

The next question given to Samuel Strauch was what is a business strategy of his that has helped him to grow his business and how. Mr. Strauch’s answer to this question was to think of win-win situations all the time. A win-win situation should be the focal point of all your interactions. This should include any business you do with clients, potential customers, colleagues, business investors, business partners and any employees you may have hired yourself.

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Samuel Strauch was asked about a failure he experienced as a businessman and how he managed to overcome it. His response was that he used to have an employee in his real estate development business that he trusted greatly. The person was incompetent at his work however. Samuel Strauch kept the employee though, because he trusted him greatly. This employee caused lots of problems for a division in his firm because of his incompetence. Strauch lost clients and had other damaged relationships as a result of this person’s inability to complete tasks.

The moral of the story for Strauch was to keep his business strictly professional. He now knows that he should only hire people who are right for the job and not for personal reasons or qualities such as looks or trustworthiness.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: http://buscar.lanacion.com.ar/’Samuel%20Strauch

How Mike Baur supports the Swiss ICT Sector

Mike Baur is a revered entrepreneur who has been investing in various IT based startups in Switzerland. He has been running his investment ventures through his company that is known as the Swiss Startup Factory. The enterprise offers financial aid to emerging businesses that have the potential of penetrating in the corporate world. It also guides them on what it takes for a startup to be successful. Mike has been providing funding to the entrepreneurs by approaching various business leaders who are willing to invest in young companies.


Mr. Baur recently convinced Michael Hartweg to join the Swiss Startup Factory as an investment partner. Hartweg is a former executive of the Leonteq, but he left the corporation about two years ago to venture into personal businesses. He will be acting as one of the investors and counselors of the company. Michael will be allowed to select any projects that he views as progressive, and he will be guiding them as they grow in the business world. He has joined the group of investors who Mike Baur has invited to capitalize on the Fintech enterprises. Baur has been striving to run acceleration programs for various Fintech companies that need to be boosted for them to attain success in the corporate world. The plan involves offering inspirational and financial support.


Mike started venturing in startups in 2014 after founding the Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s main offices are based in Zurich, and it has helped many ICT-based businesses since it was established. The company works closely with the startups to the point when they can develop themselves and maneuver in the business world. Baur is the current managing director of the Swiss Startup Factory. He has been contacting many investors in Switzerland and abroad to offer contributions that can support the company’s incubation undertakings.


The businessman is focused on ensuring that Swiss Startup Factory has constant funding for it to be able to run its acceleration programs. He formerly worked in the Swiss banking industry for about 20 years, and this has enabled him to understand the type of business models that can be used in making a business successful. Mike uses his expertise in guiding startups to run in a way that they can fulfill the demands of various markets. He believes that the new ICT businesses that are supported by his company can play a significant role in the transformation of Switzerland IT and banking industries.


Getting Help with the Template with Talk Fusion

When it comes to working with Talk Fusion and putting together a video, one must think about the template of the content he wants to bring forth. The template is very helpful in organizing the content. This helps the reader know where to look and makes it easier for them to get the message. When one sends a video through email, the most important thing to do is bring the attention of the audience to the video. This is one of the reasons that a template is a great idea. Without a good template, people are going to have a hard time with the content.

Talk Fusion is very helpful when it comes to the template in that it has more than 1,000 designs and themes. The themes is what makes it very fun because one has control over how he is going to reach his customers. With the theme, he can make it relevant to what the customer is doing. For instance, if there is a holiday that is coming up, one of the best ways to reach the customer is by setting up a theme of that particular holiday in that template. This will bring the attention to the message that the marketer has for the customer. Click here to know more.

Talk Fusion has been designed with the purpose of helping the entrepreneur succeed. The entrepreneur needs to be able to support himself. Putting together a campaign for the audience is actually hard work when dealing with other aspects of business. Therefore, the marketer has to find a way to efficiently get the message across to the customer. One of the best ways to do that is with the use of Talk Fusion. This app has the tools that could help with the production and the release of the video email. Therefore, marketers will have an easier time selling to their customers.


Eric Lefkofsky Using Technology to Provide a Solution for Cancer

Not many entrepreneurs today can match Eric Lefkofsky’s achievements, experience, and fortune. Indeed, his $2.2 Billion investment in Groupon is a legacy on its own. For Lefkofsky, however, a more important investment is in the research and treatment of cancer. A few years ago, his wife Elizabeth Mr Lefkofsky was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was at this time that the prominent American entrepreneur developed a deep interest in using technology to find a solution for cancer patients. The CEO and co-founder of Tempus believes that technology can be a powerful platform for providing valuable information to physicians that treat cancer. His company connects anatomic and molecular data with other clinical data from around the country. This information is used by doctors to develop more efficient and personalized treatment systems. In the past, Tempus has collaborated with Ambramson Cancer Center, Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Rush University Medical Center among other organizations.

Eric Lefkofsky was born on September 2, 1969. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan and attended Southfield-Lathrup High School before joining the University of Michigan. After graduating with honors in 1991, Lefkofsky attended University of Michigan Law School and received his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Lefkofsky’s first career was selling carpet at the University of Michigan. Later, he and his college mate Brad Keywell started an apparel company in Madison. In 1999, the two entrepreneurs founded Starbelly, an internet company that focused on selling promotional products. In 2000, the company was bought by Halo Industries, with Lefkofsky becoming COO of Halo. In 2001, Lefkofsky cofounded InnerWorkings, a company that offered print procurement services to midsized companies. He remained on the board of directors of the company until October 2012. Lefkofsky and Keywell founded a freight and logistics company, Echo Global Logistics in 2005. The following year, the two founded MediaBank which later merged with Donovan Data Systems to create Mediaocean. Later, Lefkofsky co-founded ThePoint.com, later named Groupon.com. Today, Groupon is the fastest growing company in history.

Besides his interest in business, Lefkofsky and his wife run a charitable trust, the Lefkofsky Foundation that supports charitable, scientific and educational organizations around the globe. The trust has helped fund over 50 organizations as today.

Bruno Fagali Provides Reliable Advice

Bruno Fagali is one of the leading legal advisors in Brazil and he has rendered excellent legal solutions for years. Bruno Fagali focuses on Urban Law, Administrative Law, Compliance issues and Regulatory Law matters.

Because of his expertise and experience in the field, Bruno Fagali is a sought after lawyer in Brazil. He is well respected by his colleagues and his clients.

Dealing with any type of legal situation requires represented by a qualified attorney. Whether it’s a simple issues, or a complex matter, it is always advisable to retain a lawyer that has been rendering superior services to clients.

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Anyone can claim that they are experienced in their area of law, but it is important to keep in mind that not all experienced lawyers are created equal. You’ll need to consider trial experience as well as negotiation skills. These factors are extremely important when considering getting a lawyer, law firm, or any legal representative to help you.

No matter the reason you need a lawyer, Bruno Fagali is someone you will rely on for effective representation.

Bruno Fagali wants the best for his clients and takes the necessary steps to address their issues effectively and efficiently.

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Eric Lefkofsky Created Tempus To Help Doctors Find Comprehensive Data For Cancer Treatments

Eric Lefkofsky is well known as the co-founder of the largest online platform that connects customers with wide range of merchants across the country, Groupon. He is one of the billionaires who can easily spend time enjoying his hard work. Groupon was his first love, but his priority has changed over the years. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, and he was unable to find relevant information or data on cancer studies. It was then he realized that finding information on cancer was a big problem and he had to do something about it. It was then that he started working on a new company and started Tempus.

Tempus is a technology company that will offer a data system helping connect molecular and anatomic data with clinical data from the various medical facilities in the country. The company will help doctors and those with medical backgrounds to find all the historic results right at one place to be able to take a better decision regarding cancer treatments. The chemo and the amount of radiation given to the cancer patients can be easily adjusted if the doctors have the historic results from other patients with similar genetic make-up in front of them. Lefkofsky at Facebook .

Many health centers have already collaborated with Tempus to share their patient’s records with them. The latest one to be added to the list is the Ambramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Some other centers which have already collaborated with them are Rush University Medical Center, Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Northwestern University and many more. More Information Here .

In an interview, Eric Lefkofsky said that he does not expect quick results and this company will be a good start to attach technology with cancer and to provide better health care to cancer patients in the country. Being a privately held company, Lefkofsky says that since he will not have to answer to shareholders, the company can do some great work and ensure that it benefits those who need it. The doctors can have a comprehensive data system to take better treatment decisions and to keep more people with cancer alive and thriving.

http://shiakapos.com/eric-lefkofskys-biggest-deal-yet-hes-using-data-to-fight-cancer for more.

Truly Express Yourself With Lime Crime’s ‘Unicorn Hair Dye’

Why does it seem that most people consider self-expression, expressing one’s self, a crime?


Human beings need the opportunity to express themselves; to define and refine who they are. When they do, they feel better about themselves.


This seems to be something that Doe Deere took to heart with the approach that if music and dance, painting and poetry are all fine and good; why can’t my canvas be the way I look? The clothes I wear and the color and style of my hair?


A of people might not know about Lime Crime and Doe Deere the owner and founder of the company ‘Lime Crime’ she started in 2008 because she just wasn’t happy with any of the hair color products that were available.


Using the word ‘Crime’ in the name of her company and product line makes perfect sense; her attitude is based upon the ideas mentioned above; ‘Why is expressing yourself in a way that is not bringing harm to anyone else considered a crime?’


If you like who you are, if you like what you see in the mirror, it will really help your self image. If you feel good about yourself; it will affect everything you think, say, and do in a positive fashion. You will be more comfortable with who you are more open to people and new opportunities.


Unicorns are magical very often depicted with long and very colorful manes that are at times a shimmer pastel of all the colors of the rainbow moving and flowing as if the colors themselves are alive and dancing.


Lime Crime has taken all of the above to create a new line of hair dye with the name being ‘Unicorn Hair.’


The Unicorn Hair Dye is a semi-permanent dye that will last four to six week with two different formulas; one is to fully color all of your hair with the other being more of a tinting for light colors upon a foundation of the full hair color you currently have now.


With the different shades of ‘Bunny’ to ‘Pony’ and ‘Dirty Mermaid’ to ‘Gargoyle;’ Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye seems to be the perfect answer to getting that sheer and vibrant beauty flowing through your hair for your own highly unique and personal style. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html