White Shark Media, Now a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

White Shark Media, founded in 2011 by Gary Garth, CEO. Alexander Nygart, Chief Sales Officer and Andrew Lolk, Vice President of PPC, three Danish entrepreneurs. All three of these gentlemen have experience in marketing, both online and offline. They are an American digital marketing company and have gotten a large amount of support from the region since their inception.


White Shark Media has shown 730% growth in the last 3 years and has $7.4 million in revenue. Inc.com has named them as #527 on the list of the fastest growing companies in the United States.


They are certified partners of both Google AdWords platform and Bing Ads platform, at a company level. All employees that deal with the PPC accounts must pass a test at least one time a year. Google AdWords was created for the purpose of helping small and medium sized businesses who do not have the resources or the time in which to manage their advertising campaigns. As a partner, White Shark Media offers their expertise and experience in end-to-end customer service which allows the clients to focus on running their businesses.


Their close collaboration with Google has resulted in White Shark Media being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB partnership in 2014, making them one of only 29 partners in the United States.


After their 3 years in existence, their first client is still with them. With their continued growth over those three years, they have 150 employees, in three countries working with AdWords Search, Google Analytics, Display advertising, and Bing Ads.

They are totally committed to their client’s ongoing success with cost-effective flat fee marketing solutions and no contracts. It takes dedication, creativity, and expertise in digital marketing to achieve the growth that they have so far enjoyed.


They meant to conquer the SMB market in Latin America and the United States by having and delivering a product and a service that was unprecedented. Their employee base is fully bi-lingual and they share all the expertise that they have garnered over the years with their clients. This allows them to benefit from proven methods so they do not have to do the testing themselves, which in turn frees them up to proceed with their businesses.


White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency with online marketing solutions that are tailored especially for the small to medium sized businesses. They have grown a reputation of cost effective Search Marketing campaigns and by providing world class customers experiences.

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