All You Need to Know About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a known entrepreneur. She is attributed with stating the Bumble. She currently serves the Bumble in the capacity of CEO and founder. The bubble was started in 2014 with the aim of enhancing the dating. It intends giving women a greater chance to determine the dating partner, unlike the usual dates. The App has seen success since Whitney Wolfe take over increasing the number of the users.

Before the invention of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe worked at Hatch Labs where she was involved in the Cardify startup. Later Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder app. In the organization, Whitney Wolfe served as the vice president. She saw great success in the work making it attractive to most of the youths.

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The importance of the app is that is that it’s faster and more accurate as you get hooked up with the person who you share the same habits and view. When using the app, you also get to see the mutual friends. It serves as reference or recommendation. It creates a sense of trust. Moreover, while using the app, you get to see the other partner’s likes and dislike. It is important as you can find out in an easier manner whether you rhyme with each other. With the app, you are over protected as you only get notification messages from the people you like. With the app and the short descriptive words by various persons, it becomes a quick way to find the best dating partner. Like the rest of the app is has many features adds making the site even more lovely.

The research conducted on 5000 singles 90% of men say they’re comfortable being asked out by a woman. Another study revealed that there was is higher chance of success in a relationship where women were finding people. These researchers showed that the system was excellent as all the parties were comfortable with the shift in the dating rules. Thanks to Whitney Wolfe for developing Bumble.

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