Bruno Fagali Provides Reliable Advice

Bruno Fagali is one of the leading legal advisors in Brazil and he has rendered excellent legal solutions for years. Bruno Fagali focuses on Urban Law, Administrative Law, Compliance issues and Regulatory Law matters.

Because of his expertise and experience in the field, Bruno Fagali is a sought after lawyer in Brazil. He is well respected by his colleagues and his clients.

Dealing with any type of legal situation requires represented by a qualified attorney. Whether it’s a simple issues, or a complex matter, it is always advisable to retain a lawyer that has been rendering superior services to clients.

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Anyone can claim that they are experienced in their area of law, but it is important to keep in mind that not all experienced lawyers are created equal. You’ll need to consider trial experience as well as negotiation skills. These factors are extremely important when considering getting a lawyer, law firm, or any legal representative to help you.

No matter the reason you need a lawyer, Bruno Fagali is someone you will rely on for effective representation.

Bruno Fagali wants the best for his clients and takes the necessary steps to address their issues effectively and efficiently.



Eric Lefkofsky Created Tempus To Help Doctors Find Comprehensive Data For Cancer Treatments

Eric Lefkofsky is well known as the co-founder of the largest online platform that connects customers with wide range of merchants across the country, Groupon. He is one of the billionaires who can easily spend time enjoying his hard work. Groupon was his first love, but his priority has changed over the years. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, and he was unable to find relevant information or data on cancer studies. It was then he realized that finding information on cancer was a big problem and he had to do something about it. It was then that he started working on a new company and started Tempus.

Tempus is a technology company that will offer a data system helping connect molecular and anatomic data with clinical data from the various medical facilities in the country. The company will help doctors and those with medical backgrounds to find all the historic results right at one place to be able to take a better decision regarding cancer treatments. The chemo and the amount of radiation given to the cancer patients can be easily adjusted if the doctors have the historic results from other patients with similar genetic make-up in front of them. Lefkofsky at Facebook .

Many health centers have already collaborated with Tempus to share their patient’s records with them. The latest one to be added to the list is the Ambramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Some other centers which have already collaborated with them are Rush University Medical Center, Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of the Northwestern University and many more. More Information Here .

In an interview, Eric Lefkofsky said that he does not expect quick results and this company will be a good start to attach technology with cancer and to provide better health care to cancer patients in the country. Being a privately held company, Lefkofsky says that since he will not have to answer to shareholders, the company can do some great work and ensure that it benefits those who need it. The doctors can have a comprehensive data system to take better treatment decisions and to keep more people with cancer alive and thriving. for more.

Truly Express Yourself With Lime Crime’s ‘Unicorn Hair Dye’

Why does it seem that most people consider self-expression, expressing one’s self, a crime?


Human beings need the opportunity to express themselves; to define and refine who they are. When they do, they feel better about themselves.


This seems to be something that Doe Deere took to heart with the approach that if music and dance, painting and poetry are all fine and good; why can’t my canvas be the way I look? The clothes I wear and the color and style of my hair?


A of people might not know about Lime Crime and Doe Deere the owner and founder of the company ‘Lime Crime’ she started in 2008 because she just wasn’t happy with any of the hair color products that were available.


Using the word ‘Crime’ in the name of her company and product line makes perfect sense; her attitude is based upon the ideas mentioned above; ‘Why is expressing yourself in a way that is not bringing harm to anyone else considered a crime?’


If you like who you are, if you like what you see in the mirror, it will really help your self image. If you feel good about yourself; it will affect everything you think, say, and do in a positive fashion. You will be more comfortable with who you are more open to people and new opportunities.


Unicorns are magical very often depicted with long and very colorful manes that are at times a shimmer pastel of all the colors of the rainbow moving and flowing as if the colors themselves are alive and dancing.


Lime Crime has taken all of the above to create a new line of hair dye with the name being ‘Unicorn Hair.’


The Unicorn Hair Dye is a semi-permanent dye that will last four to six week with two different formulas; one is to fully color all of your hair with the other being more of a tinting for light colors upon a foundation of the full hair color you currently have now.


With the different shades of ‘Bunny’ to ‘Pony’ and ‘Dirty Mermaid’ to ‘Gargoyle;’ Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye seems to be the perfect answer to getting that sheer and vibrant beauty flowing through your hair for your own highly unique and personal style.

A Look At What A Litigator Does: Karl Heideck Is A Good Example

Karl Heideck Litigation AttorneyBecoming a litigator isn’t easy. It requires lots of hard work, dedications, skill and expertise. To be a litigator, you need to go through years of law school. You need to have an undergraduate degree and take a lengthy and thorough exam before getting accepted into law school. You also need a J.D.. In addition, you need to take the bar exam and be accepted as a lawyer.

Litigators are those who take care of a client’s legal case and make sure that the case goes through court as needed. For example, the lawyer will take care of all the evidence and make sure everything is in place so that the case can get pushed through court and does not stagnate there.

Karl Heideck is one such attorney. He has over 10 years of experience as a practicing lawyer. His main field is risk management and compliance practices. However, Karl Heideck has experience, expertise and knowledge in many other legal areas, including, but not limited to, commercial litigation, legal research, employment law, legal writing, corporate law, product liability and many other fields.

Karl Heideck is surely qualified for his title. He got his J.D. from Temple University. He attended Swarthmore College. That’s where he got his B.A. He was a legal associate at Conrad O’Brien. He was the project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP. He was their project attorney for three years and seven months. He is also currently a contract attorney at Hire Counsel and Grant & Eisenhofer.

Karl Heideck has done lots of legal work to be proud of. Here are the types of work that Karl Heideck does: Trial preparation, reviewing facts, discovering matters pertaining to the case in court, white collar defense, and much more. This is just what a litigator does and this is what Karl Heideck is.

Learn more about Karl Heideck: