How Mike Baur supports the Swiss ICT Sector

Mike Baur is a revered entrepreneur who has been investing in various IT based startups in Switzerland. He has been running his investment ventures through his company that is known as the Swiss Startup Factory. The enterprise offers financial aid to emerging businesses that have the potential of penetrating in the corporate world. It also guides them on what it takes for a startup to be successful. Mike has been providing funding to the entrepreneurs by approaching various business leaders who are willing to invest in young companies.


Mr. Baur recently convinced Michael Hartweg to join the Swiss Startup Factory as an investment partner. Hartweg is a former executive of the Leonteq, but he left the corporation about two years ago to venture into personal businesses. He will be acting as one of the investors and counselors of the company. Michael will be allowed to select any projects that he views as progressive, and he will be guiding them as they grow in the business world. He has joined the group of investors who Mike Baur has invited to capitalize on the Fintech enterprises. Baur has been striving to run acceleration programs for various Fintech companies that need to be boosted for them to attain success in the corporate world. The plan involves offering inspirational and financial support.


Mike started venturing in startups in 2014 after founding the Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s main offices are based in Zurich, and it has helped many ICT-based businesses since it was established. The company works closely with the startups to the point when they can develop themselves and maneuver in the business world. Baur is the current managing director of the Swiss Startup Factory. He has been contacting many investors in Switzerland and abroad to offer contributions that can support the company’s incubation undertakings.


The businessman is focused on ensuring that Swiss Startup Factory has constant funding for it to be able to run its acceleration programs. He formerly worked in the Swiss banking industry for about 20 years, and this has enabled him to understand the type of business models that can be used in making a business successful. Mike uses his expertise in guiding startups to run in a way that they can fulfill the demands of various markets. He believes that the new ICT businesses that are supported by his company can play a significant role in the transformation of Switzerland IT and banking industries.


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