Ideamensch Interviews Businessman, Samuel Strauch

Ideamensch asked businessman, Samuel Strauch what is something that he does over and over and he suggests other people try out as well. Strauch responded by saying he sets aside five minutes in the morning everyday to remind himself of three important things. The first thing is to be thankful for everything he has in his life. Second, is to be curious and open minded when approaching new things. The third thing he reminds himself in that five minute period in the morning is to layout his goals and intentions for that particular day.

The next question given to Samuel Strauch was what is a business strategy of his that has helped him to grow his business and how. Mr. Strauch’s answer to this question was to think of win-win situations all the time. A win-win situation should be the focal point of all your interactions. This should include any business you do with clients, potential customers, colleagues, business investors, business partners and any employees you may have hired yourself.

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Samuel Strauch was asked about a failure he experienced as a businessman and how he managed to overcome it. His response was that he used to have an employee in his real estate development business that he trusted greatly. The person was incompetent at his work however. Samuel Strauch kept the employee though, because he trusted him greatly. This employee caused lots of problems for a division in his firm because of his incompetence. Strauch lost clients and had other damaged relationships as a result of this person’s inability to complete tasks.

The moral of the story for Strauch was to keep his business strictly professional. He now knows that he should only hire people who are right for the job and not for personal reasons or qualities such as looks or trustworthiness.

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