Wengie Demonstrates Her Essential Makeup Hacks

Wengie, the reigning Youtube queen of life hacks, is at it again with her ten essential makeup hacks. Wengie takes us through her own personal beauty regimen and shares helpful tips and tricks along the way.


Wengie starts off by telling us all about primer. A good primer is essential to a flawless complexion. Select a primer that moisturizes so that our foundation stays put and looks smooth.


Following the primer is foundation, which she urges is to be applied with fingers and always in downward strokes to ensure a smooth finish. When it comes to concealer and powder, a little goes a long way. Use only as needed for a natural finish.


Next, Wengie tackles eyeshadow, and teaches us that a matte eyeshadow in a shade lighter than our natural skin tone works just as well as an eyeshadow primer. Primer is essential in order to ensure that eyeshadow blends well and does not crease.


Every beauty expert knows that eyebrows are having a serious moment right now, and Wengie has the secrets for perfect brows. Use a highlighter above the brow line to make your eyebrows pop, and try filling in your brows on the top brow line to create a lifted effect. If a youthful look is what you are going for, concentrating on the lower brow line will do wonders.


Applying liquid eyeliner is one of the biggest beauty challenges out there, and Wengie advises us to lift the skin around the eyelid a bit to ensure a smoother line. Another excellent tip is to be sure to apply mascara to the entire lash hair, to fill in the waterline and make eyelashes look fuller.


Next, it’s time for lips. Before applying lipstick, always be sure to dry off any excess lip balm with a tissue so that the lipstick may stick. Apply lip balm on top of lipstick to keep lips hydrated.


For blush, placement is everything. Apply blush higher on the cheekbones to elongate your bone structure. The location in which you apply your blush depends on your individual face shape, and Wengie has provided a chart so that we can apply our blush in a way that complements our own unique bone structure.


Wengie’s ten makeup hacks are both clever and super easy to pull off. Once again, she has proven that we can look flawless without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

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