International Conference Programs at Wessex Institute

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an educational and research institution of higher learning in New Forest National Park, England. Professor Carlos Brebbia founded the institute in 1986 with the primary goal of transferring knowledge to students and education stakeholders. The educational institution engages in activities such as research, conferencing, and publishing. WIT collaborates with other organizations and universities in holding around 25 conferences annually. Wessex Institute of Technology also publishes the conference proceedings and stores the information in their online library for future reference.

Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences

Since inception in 1986, WIT has given the international scientific community a platform to exchange ideas through their internationals conference programs. The series of information transfer mechanisms at Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary unites various professional and academic bodies around the globe. Additionally, the conferences promote interdisciplinary research among the participants. As a result, the independent research institution has developed a vast network of highly ranked links and contacts through their different activities.