Class Dojo Is Highly Effective At Creating Positive Schooling Environments

ClassDojo entered the market not too long ago with the educational platform for communication. Unlike most other educational programs on the market, ClassDojo’s focus is on accessibility and increasing the communication between all parties in school. Parents and teachers will be able to stay in contact with each other like never before, as the direct and constant communication that is available from the application removes the need for parent teacher conferences and phone calls at busy times. It also allows parents to stay connected to their children at all times throughout the day, keeping tabs on their progress and behavior, which goes a long way in building their confidence to do well. Parents can also use the app to stay up to date on recent activities as well as upcoming events and holidays.

Teachers are able to use the app to give their students feedback and provide them with notes so they can better understand the material they are learning. On top of this, instructors are also able to capture classroom moments to post on the story board, this way they can save unique or special moments in the classroom throughout the year for students to see.

To date, a great number of teachers have expressed how much they like the app and how well it enables them to engages their students on a regular basis. That was the originally idea for ClassDojo in the first place, to get students more engaged in their schooling and want to excel rather than slack off or give up. ClassDojo founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, went around to different schools, talking to many different teachers, all to find out what the current conditions and standards were at schools around the country. After most teachers said that there was a severe lack of communication, they were inspired to create something to fill that whole in the market for education programs.

Because of how well ClassDojo has done so far, many believe that it will be able to revolutionize the ways students can learn in school. Even today, as the platform has expanded into the classrooms at nearly two thirds of all US schools, ClassDojo still has plans to expand further and helps children all around the globe with their innovative application. The best part is that ClassDojo will remain free as a program at the core for everyone for as long as it is around.

ClassDojo App To Supplement Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parents and teachers will not have to attend meetings to monitor the kids’ progress in school related activities. Through an app developed by a tech start-up; ClassDojo, teachers will be able to snap and send videos and photos of student’s participation in activities, and share their latest assignments with parents. A schedule of student activities will also be availed on a daily basis using the ClassDojo app. The app will function as a communication platform between parents and teachers, similar to social media apps such snap chat or Facebook, but it is custom made for the sole purpose of education.

According to one of ClassDojo’s co-founders, the start-up is using the capital to develop a team big enough to create useful features, and avail content helpful to both parents and teachers. One of ClassDojo’s objectives is to initiate change and digitize school related functions from the ground up. Through ClassDojo app, parents, teachers and school leaders can create a community where all parties can engage freely for the betterment of the children’s education. ClassDojo recently partnered with researchers at Stanford University to help students instill the new concepts of intelligence. It also helps teachers to weave a growth mindset in their daily teaching routines. This goal will be attained through a series of short YouTube videos.

ClassDojo Will Not Utilize Users’ Data to Generate Revenue

ClassDojo started in 2011 and has grown into an education app aimed at helping students by imparting regular positive feedback in the learning environments. The company is based in San Francisco and has a total of 25 employees. To date, the start-up has raised over $31 million dollars in project funding. Instead of generating revenue from the user’s data, the company has promised to create premium content and features that parents would quickly pay for to gain access. The company’s primary goal at the moment is to distribute the app to more parents and teachers throughout the country.

Over 85,000 Users Countrywide

Most of the app’s users are teachers distributed from the 1st to 8th grade. Over 85,000 teachers across private and public schools in the United States are currently using ClassDojo. The app’s creators wanted a different app that would create a smooth collaboration between parents, teachers, and their students, while building a positive culture. Other companies in the education tech business include Kickboard, Nearpod, FreshGrade, and Remind.

Students do Better with Classdojo

Classrooms that use the Classdojo app are proven to have a better attitude on the learning experience than those that do not use the app or anything to help the students have a more successful learning experience. The app was designed to raise the morale of the classroom and is something that most people can benefit from if their child is in school or if they are a teacher in any type of school. It is a great app for children and for classrooms from the kindergarten age all the way up to the last years of high school.


Teachers who decide to use the app can customize it so that it suits their classroom perfectly. They can make sure that the app does its best and that it suits the classroom by adding each of their students to it. They can then add different specifics. They can assign points for students who do good things and these points can mean different things for different rewards charts that are earned. The teacher can then allow the students to build up the points that they have earned without worrying about getting negative points for punishments that they make the decision to give out.


When the students are added to the app, they will have their own way of setting things up. They can make the choice to set the app up by adding their name, their preferences and even pictures that they think suit them. They can make sure that they give their Classdojo the exact look that they want and they can customize it so that they feel like it is their own object to be proud of. This also contributes to their success and to their drive to make things better in the classroom because of the way that they feel about the dojo.


If parents think that this is a great idea, they will love the options that they have with the app. Teachers can add parents to the app with the email address that they provide. This will give them a chance to add in the things that they think they need to do and will make things better for their student. They can take a look at everything that the app has to offer and they can see what their child does each day. They can even use this information to understand what they need to work on at home.