Looking Stylish With Fabletics

Fabletics is an active sportswear line for women. Kate Hudson co-founded the store. The clothes line offers sportswear to women of all types and has a broad range of sports products for clients. Fabletics has been able to make huge profits since its inception in 2013. It attributes this to its strategic marketing and outstanding products. Fabletics has currently become a household name with women of different shapes shopping at there.


The clothes at Fabletics are fashionable, trendy, and of high quality. They have various colors and patterns. The sports clothes at Fabletics are reasonably priced. You will get everything you want at Fabletics. Fabletics was started with the aim of making women feel comfortable during workouts and sports and also look good while at it. It is only at Fabletics where fashion meets with fitness. Fabletics is guaranteed to make you look stylish and comfortable whether you decide to do yoga, go running, go to the gym, or any other work out.


Fabletics has a membership plan where customers can sign up to become members of Fabletics. You can list down your fashion preferences based on your lifestyle and personality once you become a member. A stylist from Fabletics chooses outfits basing on your preferences at the beginning of each month. They are then sent to you. Members also receive offers from Fabletics and discounts as well. Fabletics has grown and developed with brick stores and pop stores opening under the leadership of Don Ressler. One of the best selling outfits at Fabletics is the Legging. The Fabletics Legging offers you maximum comfort regardless of the the nature of workout you do. It also keeps you dry and allows you to stretch without constricting you.


Fabletics has an option to do online shopping. Shopping at Fabletics is always a time saver for most women. You can decide to shop from the comfort of your home after which your outfits are shipped to your location. Those who have chosen the Fabletics way say that they have never regretted and that Fabletics offers them what they need and even more. The staff at Fabletics can understand the needs of a customer and deliver accordingly. Fabletics will make sure you get the latest and customized sportswear to fit your every workout whether you are a VIP member at Fabletics or just a regular customer. Fabletics is the place to visit if you wish to revolutionize the way you work out.

Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab Changes Name To TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg recently announced the change of name for JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group, perhaps in consideration of the extent of influence technology has on the brand. Since its inception in 2010, the brand has scored consistent success and quickly rose to popularity with the celebrity-backed VIP membership style. So far, the company’s estimated value stands at over $1 billion after consistently raising capital year over year in addition to the acquisition of equally performing brands along the way.

TechStyle’s success
According to Goldenberg, TechStyle was formed to fill the market gap that still exists in online trade. He further argues that, unlike most brands that seek to digitize their traditional physical stores, TechStyle attempted to bridge this gap and create an online store dictated by different user’s tastes and shopping experience. For this reason, he ensured that data collection, as well as its creative analyses, formed the backbone of his TechStyle’s marketing strategy.
This means that his brand’s major decisions such as the products available for sale, their price and the target market heavily relied on the customer’s previous sales, trends on the various media as well as their search preferences on the company’s website. Adam Goldenberg’s biggest success with this form of marketing manifested itself with the company’s Fabletics division.

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Adam’s other successful ventures
Adam’s success with TechStyle may have earned him respect and popularity among the entrepreneurial circles, especially after being named one of Los Angeles CEO’s everybody should know about by the Built In LA Journal; But it isn’t his first successful venture. Adam began his entrepreneurial career as a teen and quickly rose to one of the youngest COO of a publicly traded company thanks to his first company, Gamers Alliance that he sold Intermix Media and consequently being named the company’s Vice President of strategic planning.

Before starting TechStyle, Adam and Don Ressler had also founded an e-commerce brand incubator, the Intelligent Beauty as well as several other health brands. While running these brands, Adam and Ressler realized the social interaction void that existed with most online trading companies. Their first attempt to merge the social interaction with cutting edge fashion has resulted in the unprecedented success of the TechStyle as well as opened up the potent of an even promising future.

About Adam Goldenberg
Since his teenage years, Adam has proven to be a leader with excellent planning and organizational skills. He admits that he had no prior experience in fashion industry operations. But he was still able to bring together various specialists in the industry that shared his vision of quality affordable fashion products and together built a formidable brand.

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