Get Affordable Inmate Calling From Securus Technologies

Are you one of those frustrated family members that are tired of dropped inmate calls? Securus Technologies provides a secure network that is trusted by thousands of families nationwide. Their network has technologically advanced features that will save customers time and money. You won’t ever have to worry about endless dropped calls because you’ll receive every minute that is allotted under your contract. Securus guarantees their service and has proven to be one of the fastest growing network providers in the industry. The Public Utility Commission has praised them in a recent fourth-quarter audit that has corrected inaccuracies that have made free calling features available to Louisiana customers for a limited time.


Certification 1 has allowed them to expand their network to a global forefront to better assist inmates everywhere. The certification approval has allowed 456,000+ IT professionals to get a job in monitoring, surveillance, and quality control. They have created many technological features that will give them a superior opportunity to build their network to a global network that will address the needs of thousands of inmates and their families. Securus is responsible for processing over 56.8 billion inmate minutes annually. The amount of calls that they process requires a secure network that requires government mandate. Never miss out on another opportunity to stay connected with your loved ones.


Securus Technologies Provides


– Free calls to Louisiana for a limited time

Inmate Voicemail

Video chat/visitation

Advance Pay Program

– Telephone Debit Features

– Easy to navigate website


Unfortunately, other network providers have not kept their customers in mind and provided them with features that are tailored to their needs. Securus leads the way as a inmate calling regulator network, but one of the largest growing inmate calling providers in the industry. Become a valued member by visiting the Securus Technologies today.