John Goullet Explains His Business Perspective

John Goullet is the Chairman of Diversant LLC, which is a IT staffing firm located in the New York City area. Diversant has the distinction of being the largest African-American owned firm in the industry. In 1994 John Goullet had founded and served as Chief Investment Officer of his own company, Info Technologies, Inc. and 2010 merged the company with Divergent as he recognized the two companies would be even more successful if they were aligned together. Under his leadership, Diversant has been recognized twice by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. John Goullet earned his Masters in Computer Science at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA, graduating in 1983.

Goullet has a wiki page that describes his career. He started his professional career as an IT consultant and in 1994 transitioned over to the staffing side of the industry. Within 5 years of founding Info Technologies his company was worth $30 million and was placing IT staff at Fortune 500 companies across the United States. John Goullet encourages his staff to be creative, ethical, and disciplined in their approach. He enjoys meeting the challenges in the IT sector and coming up with new innovative ways to approach them.

Ideamensch interviewed John Goullet in November 2016. In the interview he goes over a recent trend that he’s really interested in, which for him is that the demand for technologists is growing all the time as technology becomes an increasingly large part of the Gross Domestic Product. This makes him excited for the prospects of Diversant in meeting the ever growing staffing needs that firms need. He also mentions “productive paranoia” as a habit that he engages in and encourages other to as well. This habit gets you in the mindset that your competition is always just one step behind you and so you need to push yourself and your company in order to stay ahead. Another tip that Goullet imparts in the interview is to hire the best people available, give the most important of them a piece of the company, and train as many people as possible.

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