Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab Changes Name To TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg recently announced the change of name for JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group, perhaps in consideration of the extent of influence technology has on the brand. Since its inception in 2010, the brand has scored consistent success and quickly rose to popularity with the celebrity-backed VIP membership style. So far, the company’s estimated value stands at over $1 billion after consistently raising capital year over year in addition to the acquisition of equally performing brands along the way.

TechStyle’s success
According to Goldenberg, TechStyle was formed to fill the market gap that still exists in online trade. He further argues that, unlike most brands that seek to digitize their traditional physical stores, TechStyle attempted to bridge this gap and create an online store dictated by different user’s tastes and shopping experience. For this reason, he ensured that data collection, as well as its creative analyses, formed the backbone of his TechStyle’s marketing strategy.
This means that his brand’s major decisions such as the products available for sale, their price and the target market heavily relied on the customer’s previous sales, trends on the various media as well as their search preferences on the company’s website. Adam Goldenberg’s biggest success with this form of marketing manifested itself with the company’s Fabletics division.

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Adam’s other successful ventures
Adam’s success with TechStyle may have earned him respect and popularity among the entrepreneurial circles, especially after being named one of Los Angeles CEO’s everybody should know about by the Built In LA Journal; But it isn’t his first successful venture. Adam began his entrepreneurial career as a teen and quickly rose to one of the youngest COO of a publicly traded company thanks to his first company, Gamers Alliance that he sold Intermix Media and consequently being named the company’s Vice President of strategic planning.

Before starting TechStyle, Adam and Don Ressler had also founded an e-commerce brand incubator, the Intelligent Beauty as well as several other health brands. While running these brands, Adam and Ressler realized the social interaction void that existed with most online trading companies. Their first attempt to merge the social interaction with cutting edge fashion has resulted in the unprecedented success of the TechStyle as well as opened up the potent of an even promising future.

About Adam Goldenberg
Since his teenage years, Adam has proven to be a leader with excellent planning and organizational skills. He admits that he had no prior experience in fashion industry operations. But he was still able to bring together various specialists in the industry that shared his vision of quality affordable fashion products and together built a formidable brand.

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Eric Pulier Uses His Expertise In Technology For Business And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier has made a great deal of accomplishments in the field of technology ever since he was a child, and many more achievements in the field of business, becoming a very successful entrepreneur. Eric was born and raised in New Jersey, where he developed a keen interest in technology while he was young. Before he even left his basic education, he had already been working with computers, and even built his own by the time he made it to high school.

Along with his talent in technology, Eric thankfully had big ambitions to go along with it, and he wanted to use his technology to get into business. After successfully graduating from high school, Eric went on to Harvard University, where he earned two bachelor’s degrees. After he completed his studies, he moved on to California to get started on his entrepreneurial endeavors, and he started up his first business, People Doing Things. It was the techniques and skills he learned through his higher education that prepared him to turn his ideas into real things.

Eric Pulier has managed to found many successful startups since he first started out in the industry, and he has founded roughly 15 different companies of his own. These companies include the likes of Digital Evolution, Desktone, ServiceMesh, People Doing Things, Akana, and more. Most of his efforts in both business and philanthropy have been successfully, and to date he has helped many people all around the world due to his contributions and innovations in the field of technology. Due to his extensive experience, Eric is also a board chairmen adviser for several company boards, including Logic Library.

In his spare time, Eric has started doing writing and sharing his knowledge even more with the public through his lectures. He has even been published in big magazines, such as Forbes. With Eric’s technological and business oriented mind, along with his dedication to philanthropy, he will stay a big name in the industry for many years to come.

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Wengie has All the Life Hacks You Need

The great thing about getting on YouTube is that you can find just about anything that you need to find information on. If you want to improve your finances there is information on line to help you do this. There is also information for things like repairing appliances in the home, mounting televisions and learning to play instruments. Most people do not have to spend any time reading anymore. Everything that they could possibly need information on is found online in video format. Even life hacks like the ones that are shown by Wengie are found on YouTube videos.


She has managed to provide some cool DIY hacks for girls that just to experiment with creating some cool school supplies. The thing that makes Wengie popular is her ability to tweak supplies with common things around the home. Most of the containers or parts that she mentions for the DIY hacks are simple and cheap. In most of the cases a pair of scissors is just about all that you will need.


There are a lot of people that are going to benefit from this type of video because it gives them something out of the ordinary that they can experiment with. Some teachers may even recommend some of these hacks to their elementary students as a small project. Wengie certainly inspires creativity, and she helps people think outside of the box. She averages about 4 million views per video because she has this creative energy that dazzles a lot of people. It is easy for her to build a large base of viewers because she has a bubbly personality that people can really appreciate.


The number of people that are checking out her videos is growing. Everyone can use tips on saving money, and her DIY tips are perfect for those that want to stand out from everyone else. Wengie has so many unique ideas that she has to put them in a series of videos. Anyone that has idle time will find that these videos are quite amusing. Her presentation is what keeps people coming back for more.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Heart of Gold And Success To Back It Up

When it comes to beauty surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone that gets it. That might seem like an overly simplistic statement, but one would be surprised by how many doctors are out there that simply don’t get it and don’t understand it. They overlook the big details and they overlook the little ones as well. There is a reason she was recently rated one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. The great thing about this woman from Austin, Texas is the fact that she has paid her dues. Nothing has come easy for her and quite frankly, she wouldn’t want anything to come easy to her.


It started with her training in New York along with her practice that was in Manhattan. She wanted to learn from the best and she wanted to see if she had what it took to succeed. She always knew it inside of herself because just like anything in life, it is important for people to believe in themselves. If they believe in themselves, they can do anything. However, once they believe in themselves, they have to go out and make it happen and make it a reality. She has done that.


Now, she is coming back home to Austin, Texas and many people have commented on how she has stayed the same person. Jennifer Walden has had great success and has become a household name, but she has never become too big for her britches. She has remained humble, hard-working, and dedicated to doing the best job possible for everyone that walks into her office. She knows there is a trust factor that comes with it. She does not want to do anything to break that trust. She knows, just like everyone out there, that trust is hard to gain and easy to lose.


She likes to be there for her patients throughout the process. She walks them through it and lets them know what they are getting into and what to expect, so nothing is left to chance and they feel as comfortable as possible.

Investing in Science and Technology

There are a lot of people who are excited about what the future holds in science and technology. Over the past couple of years, the pace of technological change has increased rapidly. Eric Pulier has been on the cutting edge of technological change. He is an expert in the world of computers and electronics. He knows what it takes to get to the next level, and he is working diligently with a lot of companies to get there. If you want to improve your innovation within your business, his advice is invaluable.


One of the big questions facing researchers today is around computers. A lot of people are worried about whether computers are getting too smart. Many people fear a world where the computers start to form artificial intelligence, and then they have the ability to learn at an increasingly faster rate. Over the long term, some people think that we should actually decrease our spending on science and technology. Although Eric Pulier understands why people fear computer intelligence, he believes that it can do a lot more good than harm. Computer intelligence has been proven to be more effective than humans in a variety of different fields. In a recent study, computers were able to diagnose patients better than doctors. It will be interesting to see all of the changes in the economy over the next couple of years.

Future Plans

In the future, Eric Pulier plans to continue to grow his business. He has invested a lot of time and money into this area, and he wants to make sure his company is ready to take the next step. He is passionate about innovation and change within the economy, and he knows that computer technology can help us get there. Eric Pulier has been working in the field for many years, and during that time he has made a variety of contributions to the field. If you want to learn from someone who has impacted the world, Eric Pulier is a great person to go to.

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Students do Better with Classdojo

Classrooms that use the Classdojo app are proven to have a better attitude on the learning experience than those that do not use the app or anything to help the students have a more successful learning experience. The app was designed to raise the morale of the classroom and is something that most people can benefit from if their child is in school or if they are a teacher in any type of school. It is a great app for children and for classrooms from the kindergarten age all the way up to the last years of high school.


Teachers who decide to use the app can customize it so that it suits their classroom perfectly. They can make sure that the app does its best and that it suits the classroom by adding each of their students to it. They can then add different specifics. They can assign points for students who do good things and these points can mean different things for different rewards charts that are earned. The teacher can then allow the students to build up the points that they have earned without worrying about getting negative points for punishments that they make the decision to give out.


When the students are added to the app, they will have their own way of setting things up. They can make the choice to set the app up by adding their name, their preferences and even pictures that they think suit them. They can make sure that they give their Classdojo the exact look that they want and they can customize it so that they feel like it is their own object to be proud of. This also contributes to their success and to their drive to make things better in the classroom because of the way that they feel about the dojo.


If parents think that this is a great idea, they will love the options that they have with the app. Teachers can add parents to the app with the email address that they provide. This will give them a chance to add in the things that they think they need to do and will make things better for their student. They can take a look at everything that the app has to offer and they can see what their child does each day. They can even use this information to understand what they need to work on at home.

Get Affordable Inmate Calling From Securus Technologies

Are you one of those frustrated family members that are tired of dropped inmate calls? Securus Technologies provides a secure network that is trusted by thousands of families nationwide. Their network has technologically advanced features that will save customers time and money. You won’t ever have to worry about endless dropped calls because you’ll receive every minute that is allotted under your contract. Securus guarantees their service and has proven to be one of the fastest growing network providers in the industry. The Public Utility Commission has praised them in a recent fourth-quarter audit that has corrected inaccuracies that have made free calling features available to Louisiana customers for a limited time.


Certification 1 has allowed them to expand their network to a global forefront to better assist inmates everywhere. The certification approval has allowed 456,000+ IT professionals to get a job in monitoring, surveillance, and quality control. They have created many technological features that will give them a superior opportunity to build their network to a global network that will address the needs of thousands of inmates and their families. Securus is responsible for processing over 56.8 billion inmate minutes annually. The amount of calls that they process requires a secure network that requires government mandate. Never miss out on another opportunity to stay connected with your loved ones.


Securus Technologies Provides


– Free calls to Louisiana for a limited time

Inmate Voicemail

Video chat/visitation

Advance Pay Program

– Telephone Debit Features

– Easy to navigate website


Unfortunately, other network providers have not kept their customers in mind and provided them with features that are tailored to their needs. Securus leads the way as a inmate calling regulator network, but one of the largest growing inmate calling providers in the industry. Become a valued member by visiting the Securus Technologies today.


Jews Can Reconnect With Their Heritage At The Kabbalah Centre

Many Jews wish to be in touch with their religious background and heritage. Jews exist in nearly all countries of the world. Many Jews have chosen to make their homes in the United States. Here, they can be part of a space where Jews have been free to practice their religion for centuries. Contemporary Jews have sought to keep their important traditions alive. One way they an do so is by studying in places where such texts are part of the everyday dialogue. This is true of those at the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre encourages Jews around the world to return to their roots and explore the great Jewish texts of the past. Here, they can learn about torah and other texts with the help of other Jews.

Studying With Experts

At the Kabbalah Centre, Jews get to study closely with other Jews who are experts in such texts. Jews of all views can come together and learn what they need to know while being in the company of those who can show them things they may not know about their own religion. Here, it is possible for people to discover things they may not have known about their own religion such as how certain texts have given certain lessons that they can follow.

Becoming More Well Rounded

Many Jews have not studied torah or only studied it for a short time. When they are able to study kabbalah, they can have a sense of the kind of subjects that they might learn should they decide to continue lessons here. Being in an atmosphere where the study of ancient texts is encouraged helps Jews feel more connected to all aspects of their own heritage and culture. They can get connections with other Jews that are also studying and learn from them as well what it is that makes Jewish study so very rewarding.

Panama and Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

The beach-lined Panama bridges Central and South America. Here are ten fascinating facts about it:

1. The famous and historical tourist destination on Tumblr, the 80-kilometer long Panama Canal, provides almost a third of Panama’s income.
During an average year, over 14,000 ships will travel through the canal to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. They do this as a shortcut instead of going the only other way which is rounding the southern end of South America.

2. Panama is the native home of over 970 species of birds, more than all the species in the United States and Canada combined.
It lush environment coupled with two very unique coasts provides a perfect habitat for this vast number of individual species.

3. The US dollar has been the official currency in Panama since 1904.

4. The very popular tourist destination on, the village of El Valle de Anton, was built in the six-kilometer wide crater of a volcano.
The last known eruption of the volcano is thought to have been around 300,000 years ago.

5. It has the lowest birth rate in Central America which also largely accounts for it having the lowest population in Central America.
Around 70% of the non-natives are Native Americans and Europeans.

6. Before becoming an independent nation, Panama was part of a union with Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela called Republic of Grand Columbia.
These four united countries each gradually went its own way to independence. Panama finally seceded in 1903.

7. Panama’s capital, Panama City, is the only capital in the world to include a forest.
The Metropolitan Nature Park Panama gives tourists like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa the ability to visit dense Panamanian nature and downtown urban life in just minutes of each other. The forest inhabits about 450 acres of the city.

8. At $8 million, the country’s Panama Railroad is the most expensive railway network of all time. 
The money to pay for it was not the only steep cost. During the construction process, over 12,000 workers died from Cholera, malaria, and yellow fever.

9. Although relatively small, Panama has more than 2,490 kilometers of coastline.

10. Volcan Baru, Panama’s highest point, is 3,473 meters above sea level.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur who currently serves as treasurer, director, and president for five different Panamanian companies.  Other than his considerable professional roles, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also works tirelessly to promote the Panamanian business community by mentoring you businesspeople working to improve economic conditions.

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Martin LustgartenThe Importance of Investment Banking For Limiting Risk

In the modern age, risk is a major factor in the economy. As the recent crisis of 2008 has proven, those who do not have instruments to limit their risk lose money fast. If you are an investor who is concerned with maintaining and growing your wealth, you should consider investment banking as an instrument to protect yourself and profit in the process.

Investment bankers, like Martin Lustgarten, help their clients put their funds into offshore accounts in a legal manner. By doing this, you can accomplish two things. Firstly, you can avoid the market downturns in your local market. If the downturn hits you, you could lose all of your investments in the blink of an eye.

For example, Lustgarten is now located in Florida. He helps numerous clients in Venezuela gain access to U.S. dollars for their investments. If they were limited to their own national currency, the recent Venezuela oil crisis would have destroyed all of their wealth.

Investment bankers can also bring together funds from various locations and industries. This could mean faster growth. And in some cases, quick increases in interest rates can race against your funds, meaning that speed is security.

Investment banking helps you diversity in multiple locations. By diversifying, you are tapping into many markets at once. There are more points that need to fail for you to lose your advantage. It spreads the risk around while still enjoying any upticks in the market.

Martin Lustgarten is a citizen of both Venezuela and Austria. He uses his status to leverage certain market opportunities. He believes in diversifying his wealth internationally. He also has a keen work ethic and intelligence that allows him to spot patterns in the market and capitalize on them, while still limiting the risk of losing money.

Other modern investors model Lustgarten as someone to follow. They look at his intelligence for market dynamics and international portfolio as a guide post. Investors looking to achieve more growth in their finances should consider hiring someone like Lustgarten for their investments.