Jews Can Reconnect With Their Heritage At The Kabbalah Centre

Many Jews wish to be in touch with their religious background and heritage. Jews exist in nearly all countries of the world. Many Jews have chosen to make their homes in the United States. Here, they can be part of a space where Jews have been free to practice their religion for centuries. Contemporary Jews have sought to keep their important traditions alive. One way they an do so is by studying in places where such texts are part of the everyday dialogue. This is true of those at the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre encourages Jews around the world to return to their roots and explore the great Jewish texts of the past. Here, they can learn about torah and other texts with the help of other Jews.

Studying With Experts

At the Kabbalah Centre, Jews get to study closely with other Jews who are experts in such texts. Jews of all views can come together and learn what they need to know while being in the company of those who can show them things they may not know about their own religion. Here, it is possible for people to discover things they may not have known about their own religion such as how certain texts have given certain lessons that they can follow. This is why so many Jews have come here. It is where they can get even more study about Judaism.

Becoming More Well Rounded

Studying kabbalah has helped Jews also learn more about how to study texts of all kinds. Many Jews have not studied torah or only studied it for a short time. When they are able to study kabbalah, they can have a sense of the kind of subjects that they might learn should they decide to continue lessons here. Being in an atmosphere where the study of ancient texts is encouraged helps Jews feel more connected to all aspects of their own heritage and culture. They can get connections with other Jews that are also studying and learn from them as well what it is that makes Jewish study so very rewarding.

Panama and Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

The beach-lined Panama bridges Central and South America. Here are ten fascinating facts about it:

1. The famous and historical tourist destination on Tumblr, the 80-kilometer long Panama Canal, provides almost a third of Panama’s income.
During an average year, over 14,000 ships will travel through the canal to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. They do this as a shortcut instead of going the only other way which is rounding the southern end of South America. It is a privilege by which Panama financially benefits big time.

2. Panama is the native home of over 970 species of birds, more than all the species in the United States and Canada combined.
It lush environment coupled with two very unique coasts provides a perfect habitat for this vast number of individual species.

3. The US dollar has been the official currency in Panama since 1904.

4. The very popular tourist destination on, the village of El Valle de Anton, was built in the six-kilometer wide crater of a volcano.
The last known eruption of the volcano is thought to have been around 300,000 years ago.

5. It has the lowest birth rate in Central America which also largely accounts for it having the lowest population in Central America.
Around 70% of the non-natives are Native Americans and Europeans.

6. Before becoming an independent nation, Panama was part of a union with Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela called Republic of Grand Columbia.
These four united countries each gradually went its own way to independence. Panama finally seceded in 1903.

7. Panama’s capital, Panama City, is the only capital in the world to include a forest.
The Metropolitan Nature Park Panama gives tourists like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa the ability to visit dense Panamanian nature and downtown urban life in just minutes of each other. The forest inhabits about 450 acres of the city.

8. At $8 million, the country’s Panama Railroad is the most expensive railway network of all time. 
The money to pay for it was not the only steep cost. During the construction process, over 12,000 workers died from Cholera, malaria, and yellow fever.

9. Although relatively small, Panama has more than 2,490 kilometers of coastline.

10. Volcan Baru, Panama’s highest point, is 3,473 meters above sea level.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur who currently serves as treasurer, director, and president for five different Panamanian companies. In these roles, he has become an incredibly respected part of the country’s business community. Other than his considerable professional roles, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also works tirelessly to promote the Panamanian business community by mentoring you businesspeople working to improve economic conditions.

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Martin LustgartenThe Importance of Investment Banking For Limiting Risk

In the modern age, risk is a major factor in the economy. As the recent crisis of 2008 has proven, those who do not have instruments to limit their risk lose money fast. If you are an investor who is concerned with maintaining and growing your wealth, you should consider investment banking as an instrument to protect yourself and profit in the process.

Investment bankers, like Martin Lustgarten, help their clients put their funds into offshore accounts in a legal manner. By doing this, you can accomplish two things. Firstly, you can avoid the market downturns in your local market. If the downturn hits you, you could lose all of your investments in the blink of an eye.

For example, Lustgarten is now located in Florida. He helps numerous clients in Venezuela gain access to U.S. dollars for their investments. If they were limited to their own national currency, the recent Venezuela oil crisis would have destroyed all of their wealth.

Investment bankers can also bring together funds from various locations and industries. This could mean faster growth. And in some cases, quick increases in interest rates can race against your funds, meaning that speed is security.

Investment banking helps you diversity in multiple locations. By diversifying, you are tapping into many markets at once. There are more points that need to fail for you to lose your advantage. It spreads the risk around while still enjoying any upticks in the market.

Martin Lustgarten is a citizen of both Venezuela and Austria. He uses his status to leverage certain market opportunities. He believes in diversifying his wealth internationally. He also has a keen work ethic and intelligence that allows him to spot patterns in the market and capitalize on them, while still limiting the risk of losing money.

Other modern investors model Lustgarten as someone to follow. They look at his intelligence for market dynamics and international portfolio as a guide post. Investors looking to achieve more growth in their finances should consider hiring someone like Lustgarten for their investments.

Discovering Lake Tahoe Vacation Resorts

Before heading to Lake Tahoe, a little research on the North and South shores will help you make the most of your visit. The South side boasts gleaming many-storied casinos, hotels, strip malls and crowds. The North Shore offers a more relaxing, outdoorsy-feel with abundant resort-life and vacation rentals.

Tahoe is divided into four villages. Incline Village is named for the Great Incline Tramway that was built in the 1870’s by loggers. Today it is the site of posh mountain retreats and its east shore features some of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast. Diamond Peak and Mt. Rose offer some of best skiing in the area.

Crystal Bay is shared by both California and Nevada. In the Cal-Neva Resort you can swim from one state to the other. The Brat Pack, a.k.a. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. used Crystal Bay as their playground in the 60’s and there is plenty of entertainment, dining and lodging available today.

Veins of red and yellow carnelian stones run through the shoreline and the scenic area offers plenty of vacation rentals for all seasons. Source:

On the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City is at the mouth of the Truckee River and was the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley. The waters of Lake Tahoe wind their way through the slopes of the Sierra mountains and offer skiing challenges from beginner to expert levels. Squaw Valley’s skiing seasons lasts well into the spring. Skiers can even enjoy nighttime runs with a 3.2 Mountain Run under a unique floodlight system with 1000 watt, color corrected High-Pressure Sodium bulbs allowing sharp contrast and clear night vision for skiers.

Between Truckee and Tahoe City, the mountain resort Alpine Meadows offers scenic views, tranquil skiing and even dramatic runs for thrill-seekers. The Swiss chalet lodges give skiers a comfortable, welcoming place to unwind after exploring over 100 trails spread out over 2,400 acres. The personnel at the resort are available to help beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers alike. The instructors focus on teaching practical skills to their students and there are even programs for young children complete with lunch and expert supervision throughout all skiing activities.

A Way to Keep the Communication Lines Open Between Parents and Teachers

The ClassDojo app is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as it allows teachers to share with parents photos and videos of the child throughout the school day as the child does their classwork and reports. This allows the teacher to give up-to-date information to the parents and the parents a ways to see what the child is doing at school. No longer do parents and teachers have to wait until parent/teacher conference to have a discussion about the child and the child’s education. This doesn’t disrupt the teacher’s classroom like a phone call would.

This ground-up change in the way parents and teachers are able to communicate is creating a better learning environment for the children. This helps the children to build confidence in knowing that their parents are more involved with their learning environment and therefore this spills over into the home at night when it comes to doing homework or going over work done during the day. The child also can be involved with the app as they can post photos and videos to their own digital portfolio that allows them to showcase their work for their parents to see.

Another fantastic option the ClassDojo app has is the ability for the teachers and administration staff to post upcoming events on the calendar of events portion of the app so that parents can receive the latest information about events happening at the school in the future.

ClassDojo is now in approximately two-thirds of schools in the United States and that number is steadily growing. This app has gained its popularity because the communication line between parents and teachers has felt like a gap. This app is bridging the gap between parents and teachers and is allowing everyone to help improve the child’s education in this regard. This communication platform is enhancing the education of the child by improving the communication for all parties involved.

A parent can feel confident knowing they are being informed about their child on a regular basis and a teacher can feel confident knowing the parent is on board with the child’s education by using the ClassDojo app and staying up to date on all aspects of the child’s education.

Securus Technologies Speaks Against Monopolies

Though the prison sentence may seem final, there is an entire new aspect to business that is not often recognized by civilians. An interesting subject to consider is the subject of communication and how loved ones of inmates communicate to the prison. With this in mind, one communication company in particular stands out that offers some of the most innovative communication technology to the inmates. This company is called Securus Technologies and offers innovative solutions to monitoring and investigation as well as to communication needs. As a company that specializes in prison communication, this company as the overall goal of upholding the justice within the prisons that they serve. Currently, Securus Technologies is one of the largest communication companies in North America and provides unique services to over 1.2 million inmates.

Securus Technologies has been closely monitoring another technology and communications company that has been monopolizing the prisons that the company has private contracts with. This monopolization act can be seen through the fact that it has been proven that each phone call that is made with Global Tel Link adds 15 seconds to 36 seconds of talk time to the phone call. As phone calls are already priced at $13 per 15 a 15 minute call, this expense has become too much for loved ones outside of the prison. It is the belief of Securus Technologies that the loved ones of inmates should not be punished for the criminal activity of the inmate.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.